Five Problems Users Are Facing While Using RR Email Accounts In Samsung Galaxy Series Smartphones?

Samsung Galaxy series smartphones are deemed as the flagship series for the company. These smartphones always have the best-in-class features and amazing capabilities compared to other models. Simply putting, Samsung’s Galaxy Series smartphones are a step ahead of other smartphones. But, even then the smartphones are not immune to technical glitches, especially the ones that involve email services.

When it comes to the most popular smartphone brands, Samsung will appear at the top of the list. There are more Samsung phone users in the world than any other smartphone brand. Samsung has found a way to incorporate the best features at economical rates, which other companies have obviously struggled to do. Despite all the mesmerizing features of Samsung Galaxy series smartphones, there are certain problems that continue to hunt the users. Problems that involve email services, with the latest being occurred in Roadrunner web mail.

Every Samsung Galaxy series phone has an email app in which users can configure their email accounts for an easy access. Many users have configured Roadrunner email on their Samsung Galaxy series smartphones, which apparently isn’t working. Instead, people are seeing a blank screen when they open their RR email account on the email app. But, it is not the only problem that they are facing, but there are many more as well.

Problem 1: Facing Certificate error while setting a business email on Samsung Galaxy series phones.

Solution: To fix this issue, you need to first verify email settings. If you have set up your RR com login email using the same settings that are given at www RR com website, then you will have to get in touch with the email support provider.

Problem 2: Setup email account as IMAP account, but users want to work with POP. How to setup RR email account using POP account type?

Solution: Setting up emails using IMAP or POP3 as account type may not be much of an issue in other emails, but in RR email, it can be. To set up RR email account on the Samsung Galaxy series smartphone using ‘POP3’ account type, you will have to use the official email app instead of using the phone’s email app.

Problem 3: How to setup RR email POP3 account on Samsung Galaxy Series phones on Wi-Fi network when the phone isn’t finding the email server?

Solution: This problem might have occurred due to the connectivity problem on the device because the problem can only occur when you try to reach email servers using Wi-Fi connection. To confirm whether the Wi-Fi is working properly, you will have to try opening other websites on the same network. If those are working, then there is some problem with your RR email.

Problem 4: Unable to save changes made in SMTP and authentication settings. Moreover, can’t find any option to use POP3 settings for SMTP?

Solution: This problem occurs when you are changing the internet network from Wi-Fi to mobile data and vice-versa. Stick to one network to avoid this issue. You can find the option to use POP3 at the time of setting up RR email login, which also means that you will have to set up your email account from the beginning to change between POP3 and IMAP.

Problem 5: How to sort emails by day? How to change settings so that the email app closes automatically once the reply is sent?

Solution: There is a provision for sorting emails by date, but no option is given to sort emails by day. Answering the next question; you can’t close the email app automatically after you send a reply to an email. You will have to close it manually.

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