How To Fix Error 550 Or Unauthorized Recipient Error From Roadrunner Email?

The message that you may see on the screen when you are unable to send a message from your Roadrunner webmail account is; ‘Error code 550’ or it can be ‘Unauthorized recipient error’. Why do you come across these error codes and why it doesn’t allow you to send mails to the recipient? All these questions will be discussed on the internet.

We are going to discuss the solutions along with the problems so pay kind attention to each and every step.

  1. Authentication failure: If after typing the correct mail address and password, you are not being able to login to the account, then you may receive error 550 on the screen. Apart from this, you will not be able to thorough the mails from your email account. The problem may lie within SMTP authentication. If your mail is not configured on SMTP as it should be then chances of getting error 550 are more. The email service companies protect their mail account from being hacked by hackers or spammers so to do this, they allow only SMTP authenticated users to send and receive mail on their account. To turn on SMTP authentication, follow the below mentioned steps:
  • Open Mail settings and click on ‘My server want authentication’ to enable SMTP.
  • If you are MS-Outlook user, then you will get this done automatically. Simply click ‘Yes’ followed by installing the program.
  1. Sending mails from wrong address: If you do so, you will get ‘Unauthorized sender’ message on the screen or ‘Response server error’ for entering the wrong email address in ‘From’ field. The receiver in such case may reject your message and send it back due to authentication failure. The server, on the other hand, will block all mail addresses that are not verified or authenticated by it. This is an irritating and annoying issue. In order to get back to the mailing experience, you have to follow the tricks mentioned below:
  • Check whether the email address entered during the setup was correct or not. If there is any alphabetical mistake, then you have to send the request to the server.
  • It will take 24 hours to apply the changes.
  • Don’t enter the email address in hassle. You must enter it carefully keeping the small mistakes in mind.
  1. Sending mail to invalid mail address: The problem in sending the mail to invalid mail address is almost same as that of sending the mail from wrong mail address. If you have entered the wrong domain name or missed any special character available in the address, then the possibility of this error is maximum. You will find the ‘Delivery status failure’ message on the screen. To get out of this issue, here are some tips and tricks that you can follow:
  • Check the spelling of mail address properly and check the recipient nick name,
  • Check the mail server of the recipient. If the server is down then you will find a problem in sending the mail.

If you find that these steps don’t work for you, then you can take support from email help and support. They know each and every problem and solve it instantly. You can get back to mailing experience within some minutes. If you got success after these steps, then don’t forget to mention the same in the comment section given below.

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