How To Get Rid Of ‘Cannot Verify Server’ Error From Iphone Or Ios Devices?

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To overcome the problem of ‘Cannot verify server’ error from iPhone or another iOS device, you need to follow the steps mentioned in the post. The steps will be proven helpful for you. If you find any problem, you can contact experts.

Are you using Apple iOS device or the email client and getting some error message like ‘Cannot verify server identity’ on the Roadrunner email screen? If yes, then we have a solution for you. It will work on IMAP or POP3 account type but is mainly encountering on Mac iOS 10.2.

How to fix ‘Cannot verify error’ from an email client on the iPhone?

There is a number of ways to fix ‘Cannot verify server’ error out of them we are going to discuss some with you.

Remove and recreate the iPhone email account

This is the best and the easiest method to get rid of a server error. If you are performing this action, then must save the email details at somewhere else. When you delete the email settings from the hosting, all the email account will not get deleted from the iPhone. The purpose is to remove the account and re-add it.

POP3 email account: If you have configured the Roadrunner email under POP3 account, then the emails will be deleted after removing the email account from the iOS device. If you have enabled the ‘Never delete’ option, then the emails will remain on the server. Set ‘Fetch’ to get the emails instantly if you are receiving after 10-15 minutes or later.

Step 1: Login to the iOS device.

Step 2: Go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Email’.

Step 3: Click ‘Account’ then on ‘Roadrunner’.

Step 4: Click to remove it from the iOS device.

Step 5: Move the window up to remove the account from the bottom of the screen. Click ‘Delete’.

Step 6: Confirm to delete the account, here you can also cancel the process if you wish to.

Step 7: Add your account again on the iPhone device.

Note: If you have enabled SSL on your account, then the ports must be set correctly from the settings. This is important especially when you add the account again. To change the port number for the already configured account, go to settings directly and click ‘Mail’ followed by ‘Edit incoming and outgoing servers’. The port numbers for incoming as well as for outgoing servers are:

Outgoing server port: 465

Incoming server for IMAP account type: 993

Incoming server port for POP3 account: 995

If the account is created on more than one device, then remove it from all the devices and re-add it. You may be asked to sign the self-certificate for removing the account from all the devices. After this, you will be able to add the account again.

Emails in the outbox

If there are any mails that are still available in the outbox folder either due to wrong email address enter or storage issue, then remove the outgoing email from here and re-send it. If no such mails are available in the outbox, leave it as it is.

How to turn off SSL from the iPhone Roadrunner email account

The steps are similar to removing an account from the iPhone. The only difference is; click on ‘Account’ followed by ‘Advanced’ settings. Here, you will find the option labeled as ‘SSL’. Slide to turn it off.


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