How To Initiate Email Forwarding From Roadrunner Email To Another Email Account Of Yours?

Are you interested in knowing the safe and secure way of forwarding emails from Roadrunner email to one of your other email accounts without losing any of your important emails in the process? Then, follow the steps that are provided to you by TWC email login website.

Email forwarding is quite normal when it comes to accessing email accounts. Roadrunner email is a business class email, and in order to use this email, one will have to use a webmail application. Email forwarding is a basically a process in which all the emails that are received in the inbox of RR email account will be forwarded to the inbox of an email client. When it comes to email clients, then there are many available these days such as Gmail, Yahoo, MSN, and Hotmail, etc.

Now, let us discuss as to how easy or difficult the entire process of email forwarding is.

To activate the email-forwarding feature, you will have to log into your RR email login followed by entering your username and password. Once you log into your email account, you will have to click ‘settings’ option. Along with that, you need to follow below-mentioned steps as well.

  1. While you are in the ‘settings’ section, you will see an option named ‘customize mailbox options’.
  2. Now, you will find yourself at ‘forwarding’ section, where you will see a title by the name of ‘setup mail forwarding right under’. Corresponding to this title, you will see ‘forwarding address’ alongside which, you will see a text that says ‘to forward emails to other email addresses, type them here’. So, you need to enter those email addresses separated by commas.

After entering email addresses where you want to receive emails from RR email account, you need to go through certain rules in order to select an appropriate action for email forwarding:

  1. Forward emails and keep a copy: With this option selected, you will be able to keep a copy of your emails after the email is forwarded to the email addresses that you have added to the list.
  2. Forward and discard: In this option, the message will be sent and deleted automatically.
  3. Disable forwarding: Selecting this option will allow you to cancel email forwarding.

The most suitable option to choose is ‘option 1’ because it not just send the emails to the email address defined by you, but also saves a copy of that email. Just in case the emails don’t reach the defined email address, at least you have a copy of that email with you.

Click ‘OK’ to activate email forwarding. With this, the forwarding of emails from RR com login mail to new email addresses completes. If you are not sure whether this ‘email forwarding’ process is going to work or not, then you can try sending a test email. If you successfully receive the email on that email address that you’ve entered in the list of those emails where you want to receive emails in the future, then it means, the process is working fine.

If you have added an email address following the aforementioned procedure, but are not able to receive emails in the inbox of that email account, then you need to verify the settings. If you are not able to identify the problem, then you should get in touch with RR email help and support providers. They will provide the right assistance regarding this particular process.

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